• Anthony Vertino

Cordyseps and Lions Mane

Like many of us. I'm looking for ways to support my brain better. On the recommendations of a group member that I know personally, I've been trying medicinal mushrooms (not psychedelics). These are compounds used in chinese medicine and have some (I'm on the lookout for more) research about their effects on oxygenation, immune support, focus, and concentration. I've been trying Cordyseps (1500mg) and Lions Mane (500mg). These are the recommended doses. FYI, I NEVER begin at the recommended dosage and don't recommend it for others either. Since I don't know how my body and brain is going to respond to medicines or supplements, I ALWAYS start with half or less of the recommended dose (the baby dose) and see how I respond. So far, the results are trending in the right direction. I am more awake and alert before coffee and more able to focus on my list of tasks before I start my work with people. I've exercised twice while on these supplements without any ill effects. And I've been able to have my usual coffee without any interactions there. I'll keep the group posted, but by all means, do your research on these compounds and see if it is worth a rather inexpensive try. Talk to you soon. I have a video that is nearly ready to go. AV

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