Reviews and Testimonials

I am so blessed and so grateful to Dr. Anthony Vertino for his commitment to his profession, for his fortitude, his kindness, and especially to his laughter, to help guide me through a threatening life situation to a calm life of peaceful security.

A grateful client

“Within minutes of my first coaching session, I could feel my stress and worries melting away.  He encouraged me, guided me, made plans and changes, and made sure I was on the right path to health and happiness.”

Thank you

With much gratitude

After a search on the Internet for a life coach for my son, I located Dr. Vertino. His expertise in working with children who have ADD/ADHD was what I needed for my son who lacks time management and has focus concerns. After the initial on-line appointment, my son, along with Dr. Vertino’s, assistance, have managed to work very successfully together over several weeks to accomplish the goals of bringing up academic grades and making plans to stay on task. This pairing is a perfect choice which helps me be a support to my son instead of always the one telling him what to do. I would favorably recommend Dr. Vertino’s services to anyone looking for a solution to help their child with time management or focus issues. Kristel


I come back for brief coaching, follow up, and new plans to  keep me on the right path, refresh my goals, improve my focus, and continue to work to overcome my challenges.