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During these unprecedented times, I'm offering people 2 free consultations or therapy sessions for those who are having difficulty seeing their doctors or therapists.  I'm an out of network provider, so I don't have to worry about the restrictions on telehealth either.  So if you're feeling anxious or depressed we can set up an office or phone or video call visit and discuss how I can be of service to your mental health needs.

With over 25 years of clinical experience, I've seen a lot of issues as a Psychologist and coach.  I've seen the ways that psychotherapy can lead to healing and I've seen the limitations of psychotherapy.  I've also seen the gains and progress, as well as the limitations of coaching.  Using my knowledge, I can target your issues and goals with either set of strategies.  Psychotherapy focuses on diagnosis, disease, damage, and/or dysfunction.  I've worked with people who have seen several therapists and using different approaches they can make gains with me that they have not with other therapists. My experience in psychotherapy includes specializations in Trauma and ADHD.  I also work with anxiety, panic, and depressive disorders.  Lastly, I provide psychological testing for a variety of disorders including ADHD.

Coaching is different.  It focuses on the present moment, a positive change oriented mindset, uses actionable strategies and skills, and relies on a person's strengths to make the changes happen. 



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